This Single Lady

Dates, not the calendar type of dates but the kind that sometimes you are embarrassed to recall. Well, speaking for myself, I’ve been in and out from the dating scene for three years now. I’m not sure how to feel about it, its mixed emotions that leaves me at a crossroad. I’m sort of embarrassed … More This Single Lady

A Friend Divorce

You might ask yourself, “what the heck is a friend divorce?” well it is like this: you have a close friend who was your better half, but unfortunately things got a bit messy and you end up never speaking to this person ever again. Ever. I guess you don’t have to go through all the legal … More A Friend Divorce

What I Did For Love

Originally posted on Literally Patti Murin:
So I openly and loudly consider myself one of the luckiest women alive, because somehow I managed to find one of those incredibly rare and unique men who is kind, loving, loyal, intelligent, funny, laid back, and who puts up with me willingly and happily. Oh, and he’s hot.…

My Road to the Third Graduation (August 2014)

In 8th grade, all the 8th graders were put in the cafeteria for an assembly for all the programs the high schools offer. Most of the program’s presentations were boring except two, Creekview’s criminal justice program and Early College High School. When ECHS did their presentation I started to think to myself, “I really want … More My Road to the Third Graduation (August 2014)